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Michael Krier MA(Photo) ARPS AFIAP made a Zoom ‘visit’ to Tyndale Photography Club to show the audio visual presentation of The 9th Cheltenham International Salon of Photography (2021).

A Salon of Photography is an exhibition, created by a photographic society or camera club, with a set number of sections. International associations support and give patronage to these salons and also supply a range of awards to recognise photographic merit. Images are judged to the standards set by whoever a club has received patronage from and photographers from around the world are able to submit images into any of the worldwide salons held each year.

In 2021, 738 photographers, from 55 countries, entered 9006 images into the Cheltenham Salon, giving the panel of five international judges quite a challenge. 2028 (22.5%) of the entered images were accepted and of those 60 were awarded medals.

At the beginning 0f the evening Michael explained how the judging had to be done over Zoom because of the restrictions placed upon them by covid-19, however everything went to plan and ran smoothly.

A selection of the accepted entries in each of the five sections were displayed in turn, with the images given awards shown at the end of their respective section.

The five audio visuals that Michael showed were produced by Martin Fry FRPS EFIAP/p AV-EFIAP ABPE APAGB and, as in all other years, the images and accompanying music were matched together perfectly.

The evening began with the TRAVEL section and this displayed a wide variety of landscapes, portraits and characteristics of various cultures. The MONOCHROME section was an amazing group of photographs, they displayed the power that black and white images can give in emotion and texture. The CREATIVE section definitely showed a ‘different’ type of photography, creative thinking and post processing produced some unbelievable and unique images. The NATURE section as you would expect, covered images from insects to animals, birds to butterflies and even a few fungi shots. The final section was COLOUR and in this section it seemed that as it was colour it was OK, the variety of subjects was wide ranging and included landscapes and portraits, it was pleasing to see such an assortment.

The excellent audio visual was well presented and displayed an amazing variety of stunning photographs, it was most definitely a celebration of photography from around the world.

Four of our members had between them seven images accepted into the salon and luckily each had at least one image chosen to be shown in the audio visual presentation.

ELIZABETH RESTALL  ARPS had two acceptances in the monochrome section – ‘13.55 at Canary Wharf’ and ‘Spiral Staircase’.

GEORGE RYSKE had an acceptance in the creative section ‘Happy Meal’.

DON GRUNDELL had an acceptance in the monochrome section ‘Bristol Eye’ and an acceptance in the creative section ‘American Dream’.

BRIAN WETTON had two acceptances in the travel section – ‘Indian Musician’ and ‘Buddhist Monks, Hanoi’.