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The Wotton Electric Picture House has been a working Cinema on and off since 1913. This month is the 20th anniversary of the Cinema closing under previous owners Andy & Jess in 2002, who had run the Cinema with some success since 1992 until the pressures of operating a 35mm projection system became too much.

A couple of letters appeared in the local paper protesting about the closure and following that, a group of eighty residents gathered together at the Star Inn with the aim of re-opening. A Committee was formed and work began on the project. Funds were raised, building work began and the Cinema opened its doors in 2005 after a major effort from the community.  It was converted to Digital Projection, one of the first Cinemas in the country to operate this way with wide screen and surround sound.

The Cinema was run at first as a Social Cooperative Enterprise by volunteers until eventually it was taken over by Gareth and Samantha. The Cinema is now run as a small independent venue, great value for money and a wide variety of films.

As long as the public keep coming, the Wotton Cinema will survive for another 20 years and beyond.

This is a fantastic facility for our Town.

Check out the website for all the latest films and book online or on the door www.wottoncinema.com/

Photography: Jeff Walshe