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Wotton Community Land Trust Ltd (WCLT Ltd) has been established and our first goal is to purchase the Brown’s Piece/Hack Hill so that it is community owned and managed for local environmental benefit in line with our objectives.  We are registered under the Financial Conduct Authority as a community benefit society registered number 9148. We have applied for and are awaiting full charity status, and our membership numbers are increasing rapidly.

Why become a member of Wotton Community Land Trust Ltd? 

  • Membership shows there is support for our ambition.
  • Each member is entitled to vote at public meetings and so has an equal say in the future of the land which gives democracy to decision making.
  • A broad membership helps our funding applications.

For just £1 for life, you can have a say in the decisions that the Trust makes but you can also sit back and let others do the day to day if you are too busy. You do not commit to anything by becoming a member, other than to extend your support to us which will help us apply for grant applications, which often rely on evidence of public backing.  

Please become a member today wclt.org.uk/membership to support the purchase of this little bit of nature in the heart of Wotton under Edge, for yourself, for others who live and work in Wotton and for our children forever.