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Article & Photography: Martin Hall

One of the standout cars at the recent SMMT test day down at a sunny Millbrook Proving Ground this April, was undoubtedly the incredible looking Kia EV6 which sat glistening on the tarmac looking all the while like a caged animal ready to run wild. Up close and personal, you cant help but be impressed by the sensuous curves running along the length of the body, subtle yet aggressive wheel arches front and back and that incredible rear view reminding you that this is something completely new and forward thinking.

Kia could have rested on the laurels of their previous generation Niro EV as it is perhaps one of the most impressive of the early BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicle) and one that really set the benchmark for everyday drivers looking for an affordable approach to zero emission driving, but they havent. 

The EV6 arrives upon this green and pleasant land of ours with an impact more akin to that which Bruce Willis was tasked with preventing during Armageddon rather than being just a refreshed and rehashed version of something previously offered and because of that, I absolutely love it.
This car screams premium, it wants to be noticed and stand out from the crowd, those rear lights curving upwards and across mirrored by the reversing lights curving downwards and merging with a chrome strip that sweeps horizontally towards the opposite side. Simply beautiful and a rather unique design amongst the sea of mediocrity that usually surrounds us. Sitting down low into the comfortable heated and ventilated front seats and the feel is more akin to a sports car than a five-door family hatch with plenty of interior room for all. The view through the front windscreen continues with this feeling of sporting intent with those previously mentioned front wheel arches giving a view along the bonnet rather reminiscent of a Porsche whilst a brief look through the wing mirrors shows off the haunches of the Kia perfectly as well as giving you a cheeky glimpse of rear spoiler to get excited about.

Taking in the interior detail provides even more evidence that this is a car foreshadowing the imminent demise of its petrol- and diesel-powered brothers and sisters. Kias all new Electric-Global Modular Platform allows for new possibilities, particularly with driver and passenger space as well as in car storage solutions designed to make your drive as comfortable as possible. And the dual 12.3″ panoramic curved displays sitting Infront of the driver are something else, the EV6s integrated curved displays are stunning and offer, what Kia describe as a truly immersive experience providing high-definition navigation and important information, with minimal controls for an unobstructed and easy driving experience.

In ‘GT-Line S specification, this particular Kia provides a 77.4kWh lithium-ion, 321bhp, AWD 1-speed auto powertrain that surprises and entertains in equal measure. As I have made abundantly clear during previous reviews, I love electricity as a mode of propulsion due to the immediacy of torque available and the degrees of subtlety that the connection between right foot and forward motion allows. The EV6 is one of the best, its AWD unobtrusive and yet the extra grip offered allows you to navigate between the bends with an extra degree of security that is wonderfully reassuring, especially as theres a not inconsiderable 321bhp urging you on, whispering quietly in your ear, encouraging you to explore the capabilities of this family hatchback.

A more detailed test will be had later on in the year where more of the technology under the hood of the EV6 can be explored and further driving impressions gained with some longer drives than that available at Millbrook and quite frankly, I cant wait