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Article and Photography by Matt Bigwood

Kingswood Primary Schools new headteacher, Wendy Collins, is offering parents of prospective pupils a personalised visit and the chance to look around the school.

The reception class offers a high level of interaction between staff and children: “Because of our mixed age group classes, it’s a really small class with a maximum of 17 children, with two adults. We offer a bespoke curriculum for those children with a high adult/child ratio,” explained Mrs Collins.

“Ms Ingram, our reception teacher, is really committed to children following their interests and growing in areas that they really love and enjoy. We have a core curriculum in place, but there’s always room to explore a childs interests and ideas as well, so it’s really a broad curriculum for them.”

The small class size means staff quickly get to know the pupils: “Any child that might have an additional need is picked up swiftly because of the how closely the adults are able to work with the children. Equally, we can adjust the curriculum for children who are really gifted, to stretch and challenge them.”

The headteacher plans to build on the schools successes by making sure core subjects such as reading, writing and mathematics are as strong as they can be: “I want to really develop the curriculum and make it as exciting and broad as it can be,” explained Mrs Collins.

“We want to make better links with the community, so we’re looking at how we can work with community groups and get parents in again, post-covid, and we want to open ourselves up and be really part of this lovely community, so that’s very much a driver for this year as well.”

To arrange an appointment, call the school on 01453 842197.

Headteacher Wendy Collins with children in Kingswood Primary Schools reception class.