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Photo: Matt Bigwood

Across the country smaller towns are evolving, with Wotton-under-Edge not immune from this change. We have, in recent months, lost some beloved local businesses due to economic factors, writes Town Clerk Andrea Durn.

In Wotton we are very fortunate to have such a broad mix of diverse businesses that are providing a vital service to our communities. From vintage treasures, art, and gifts to the finest food, you’ll find Wotton-under-Edge has it in abundance. Our strong presence of independent businesses is part of its attraction, as with such businesses comes knowledge and richness of expertise. We are fortunate to have excellent cookery and haberdashery shops alongside greengrocers and purveyors of a wide range of food and drink all within a matter of steps of each other and easy reach.

With such businesses comes opportunities, as money spent locally stays locally and helps support our essential community groups and gives opportunities to younger people too all essential ingredients in a thriving local community that is fortunate to be set in beautiful rural surroundings.  Our local shops are not just hubs of fine and valuable goods; many provide interaction that otherwise the most isolated in our communities may not have. This can be seen daily along our streets, both within vendors and our cafés. Our craft shops are brimming with tomorrows adventures; gifts that will inspire young minds and enrich more than any mass-produced, plastic toy could achieve.

An essential element to keeping this balance is for us to remember to support our high streets they need us as much as we rely on them. We need them not only during difficult times, such as the pandemic, adverse weather, and when the delivery system or supply chains fail us. There is so much available to us on our doorstep, so please head into town and see what you can discover and buy locally when you can.