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16 Feb 19:00
Until 16 Feb

Great Gatsby Murder Mystery Evening

place The Gables Hotel Bristol Bristol Road, Falfield, South Gloucestershire, GL12 7DL expand_more

A little party never killed nobody...tell that to the victim amongst the glitz and glamour at our Great Gatsby Murder Mystery Evening!

It’s the roaring twenties and The Gatsby Manor is the perfect venue for a night of celebration. The cocktails are flowing but when the drinks turn sour, the cracks start to show in the lavish lifestyles of the rich as the evening takes a disastrous turn…but they do say you can’t live forever. The host has been found dead and the detective needs your help!

Can you sort the truth from the lies and crack the case, or will you be left feeling a beautiful little fool?

Date: Friday 16th February 2024
Arrival time: 7pm
Price: £44 per person

For more info please visit https://www.thegablesbristol.co.uk/upcoming-events/murder-mystery-evening/

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