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Dub Catalyst
13 Apr 20:00
Until 13 Apr

Dub Catalyst

place Under the Edge Arts Under the Edge Arts, The Chipping, Wotton-under-Edge GL12 7AD expand_more

Dub Catalyst are a ten-piece dub reggae band from the south west who have been making significant strides within the UK's music scene. This talented ensemble has been gaining recognition for their live performances and unique sound. In 2023 they made their mark on the UK's festival circuit, leaving a lasting impression on audiences with their captivating shows.  Their trajectory continues to soar as they've already secured mainstage bookings for 2024 at prominent UK festivals.

"If you're a fan of reggae, dub or simply enjoy energetic live performances,  watching Dub Catalyst is a must" Witcombe Cider Festival  www.youtube.com/@dubcataylst

To book your tickets visit https://www.utea.org.uk/event-details/dub-catalyst


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