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Photographer: Simon Pizzey

Changes to the Parliamentary boundaries mean that Stroud district will now form part of three parliamentary constituencies, rather than the two it currently does.

  1. Stroud constituency (76,249 voters) will be formed of 22 Stroud wards.
  2. North Cotswolds constituency (70,915 voters) will be formed of The Cotswolds, Tewkesbury and four Stroud wards (Bisley, Hardwicke, Minchinhampton and Painswick and Upton).
  3. South Cotswolds constituency (72,856 voters) will be formed of the Cotswold and Wiltshire local authority areas and one ward (Kingswood) from the Stroud district.

The full report including the final recommendations can be found here https://boundarycommissionforengland.independent.gov.uk/2023-review/

It concludes: “Despite our thorough consideration of all the wards, we acknowledged that there is no perfect solution that would satisfy all residents of the District of Stroud.”

SDC Acting Returning Officer and Chief Executive Kathy OLeary added: “Although these changes could alter the Parliamentary constituency that you live in they do not affect which council area you live in, nor the services you receive.”

Maps can be found via the links below:

Every constituency must contain between 69,724 and 77,062 electors. The number of constituencies in England has increased from 533 to 543 and the number of constituencies in the South West has increased from 55 to 58.

The two-year review process included a number of statutory public consultations, in response to which more than 60,000 representations were made.

The Government will now prepare the Order to implement the new constituencies. Once that draft Order is approved by the Privy Council, the new constituencies will be in place for the next general election following that date. Check the maps above to find out which constituency area you could be voting in at the next general election.