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News today reveals that as part of the Spring Budget, the government are setting up a £200million fund to help tackle potholes around Britain. Louise Thomas, Confused.com car insurance expert, comments:

“The cold snap of winter weather has brought heavy rain and freezing temperatures, creating the perfect storm for potholes. Potholes causes damage to thousands of vehicles every year and can be costly for motorists who end up paying for repairs. But the Chancellor’s new budget announcement could benefit millions of drivers, as more money is set aside to tackle the problem.

“But the latest government changes won’t happen overnight, which is why motorists are reminded that claims can be made for pothole damage. With motoring costs continuing to be a challenge in the current financial climate, this could help to reduce how much motorists are paying out themselves. To make a claim, motorists should:

1.           Check for damage and gather evidence with clear photos

2.           Report the pothole to the local council

3.           Ask a mechanic to confirm the damage and get a quote for the repair

4.           Submit the claim to your insurer

“The new budgets should mean less drivers will be affected by pothole damage in future. But if a claim does need to be made, our tips on how to make a pothole claim can advise. Even if the claim is rejected.”