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Browns Piece is up for sale – very soon it could be a building site!

Eleven acres of land in Wotton is under threat to development. However, as a community we have an opportunity to buy the land if we are quick!

We can keep this special place, a green space for local benefit forever…

We are keen to buy the land with your support, to safe-guard it from future development. You can help us today: follow us on Facebook, check out our website, or email us to make a pledge which will help us build funds to buy the land for the community. We need your support now, please tell your friends and neighbours to garner support, before its too late.

Brown’s Piece is a wild area of land with a rich and diverse past… Its located just beyond Clarence Road and Symn Lane, within Wotton-under-Edge. Many from Wotton have happy memories of exploring and playing on this land during their childhood.

Its currently up for sale and we are concerned about the potential for it to become yet another infill site for housing. We want to preserve it as a green space for the benefit of all, young and old in our community.

Wotton Community Land Trust (WCLT), chaired by local resident Dom Driver, has been created with the hope of buying Browns Piece to preserve it as a piece of natural land for the community.

Our wider mission is to acquire and nurture more land in the area for the long-term benefit of all.

How to help:

Do something amazing today, make a pledge now – use the QR code below or go to our website: www.wclt.org.uk/pledge Facebook group: Wotton Community Land Trust

Check our Website: WCLT.org.uk

Email: info@wclt.org.uk