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Support is growing for a new walking trail – noticing, mapping and celebrating swifts migrating back from Africa to nest here, their home Town. The swifts are due back from early May, so we need our readers to be listening out and looking up please!
“Born in Wotton, swiftlets return to us each year,” explains coordinator, Mark Pasco, ” However it may be two or three years before they ever land, nest and have young of their own. The need is then to put up lots more nest boxes to improve the chances for this endangered bird and secure its future here.”
Both the RSPB and Stroud Swift group welcome the mapping of known nest sites used each summer. If you think you have a nest site,  please contact Mark by e-mail : markpasco@hotmail.co.uk.
The houses of known nest sites are where it is hoped the unique blue plaques will go up to form the shape of our Town trail walk.
Mapping begins when the swifts return. Both plaques and nest boxes can be bought for £20 each to own, or to sponsor. Both the local Primary schools have already said they would like to join the campaign by putting up a sponsored nest box.
Mark hopes both locals and visitors alike will use the map (or the Stroud Trail App) to enjoy this sky-bound spectacle – including the high speed “chasing parties” over the Town rooftops each dusk at speeds up to nearly seventy mph!
“Being mindful of Nature includes us stopping and staring – so the pace of your walk on the trail doesn’t have to be swift!”