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Article and Photographs by Martin Hall

Ford Mustang Mach E SR: Just brilliant.

Ive been lucky enough to have driven the Mustang Mach E Standard Range, Extended Range All Wheel Drive and the rather cheeky Mach E GT and have always thought that the Standard Range could possibly be the best of the bunch. For me, it seems to offer the best compromise between performance, range and price particularly when compared to its more expensive brethren.

But then there is Fords choice of name for their first BEV (battery electric vehicle), Mustang Mach E. A decision that prompted the more extreme Mustang fans to get all hot and bothered…

Point 1: Does it look like a Mustang? Yes.

Everybody knows that motoring manufacturers are shifting SUVs by the container load so it makes perfect sense for the new Mustang to be a SUV. What Ford have done, rather cleverly, is to create a Mustang on steroids, one that still keeps or references the best bits from the original Mustangs considerable history, just a little bit bigger. Highlights most definitely include the clever LED reflector headlights and signature LED tail lights, long sculptured hood (it is a Mustang after all,) and Brace front grille design with the stunningly recreated Mustang badge slap bang in the centre. The cleverest bit though has got to be the use of the black roof to hide the taller SUV shape and deceive the eyes into seeing a more coupe, Mustang, side profile. Checkout how the painted rear of the C-pillar sweeps down towards the trunk (it is a Mustang etc.) and how the black paint also hides a rather nifty spoiler across the rear of the car. With muscular wheel arches and striking creases running the length of the car, the overall impression is that of a truly modern Mustang. A Mustang to hang your dreams upon now and in the future.

Point 2: Does it drive like a Mustang? Yes.

The Mach E SR produces around 265 bhp from its (usable) 70 kWh battery pack and provides up to 273 miles of WLTP verified range if care is taken with your right foot. All well and good but as most will know, and particularly with electric vehicles, the statistics dont tell the whole story. With clever technology integrated symbiotically throughout the Mach E, the Mustang offers the driver a thoroughly modern and future-proof driving experience. Different from the 5.0L V8 of course but still recognisably Mustang. The SR is rear wheel drive and feels great putting when putting its power down onto the tarmac, the drive from the rear allowing the front wheels to concentrate on one job only, steering, a job which they do very well giving excellent grip and feedback particularly when selecting ‘untamed, the most aggressive option available from the three different driving modes easily accessible from the 15.5” main infotainment screen. And yet, when in the most economical ‘whisper mode the Mach E shows off a rather more sumptuous and easy going nature, one which encourages you to sink back into the comfortable and easily adjustable heated front seats, turn on the incredible automatic cruise control (it automatically spots speed limit signs and adjusts itself up or down to align itself), lane assist and Spotify through Android Auto and the World is your limit.

Excellent charging speeds of up to 115KW and an ever expanding charging infrastructure should be enough to allay any lingering doubts around range anxiety whilst the knowledge that the Mustang will be far better put together than other, newer, car makers attempts should help you when it comes to deciding upon your next car.

Point 3: Is it a Mustang? Yes.

I wanted to love the Mustang Mach E. I do love the Mustang Mach E.